Mont Albert Semi Custom Made Vanity Collection

Forme Bathroom Collection

Our comprehensive Mont Albert vanity collection offers a choice of wall hung and freestanding vanities suitable for the builder, to the renovator, to the designer and the experienced home owner – customisable by way of colour, finish, basin choice, size, configuration and countertop – enabling you to create the perfect vanity to suit your dream bathroom. Be inspired by this collection and create your own masterpiece today.


  • Freestanding or wallhung options
  • Designed & manufactured by Forme
  • 4 x Cabinet colours
  • 4 x engineered stone benchtops
  • 5 x porcelain basins to select from
  • 2 x moulded basins to select from
  • Finger pull handles
  • LHS & RHS drawer options available
  • image00026
  • Colour Selections
  • MontAlbert_1500TWIN_Walnut WH_POLY3
  • MontAlbert_1200_Walnut_WH_RH_Cement
  • MontAlbert_1200_Walnut WHRH PolyStone
  • MontAlbert_1200_Walnut WHRH Cement
  • MontAlbert_1200_Walnut FS_RH Porc
  • MontAlbert_600_White WH_POLY
  • MontAlbert_750_Walnut FS_RH POLY
  • MontAlbert_750_Walnut_WH_LH_Cement
  • MontAlbert_900_DChoc WH_LH Concrete Comet
  • MontAlbert_900_Light Ash FS_POLY
  • MontAlbert_900_Walnut_WH_LH_Cement
  • MontAlbert_900_White FS_RH Cement Comet
  • MontAlbert_1200_Walnut FS_LH Blanc Comet
  • MontAlbert_600_Walnut_WH_Cement
  • MontAlbert_600_Walnut WH_Concrete_Comet
  • MontAlbert_600_Light Ash FS_Porc
  • MontAlbert_600_DChoc FS_Porc